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Jerry Penner, The Chain Mail Guy

Authentic Armour - Cool Club Clothing - Gorgeous Jewelry

Women's Fashions

Dresses |Tops |Skirts |Corsets

Note: All pricing in Canadian Dollars


This rubber and stainless steel dress has never looked so good. This creation mixes butyl rubber rings and #304 stainless steel for a skin-hugging sheer look. Adjustable straps help hold the dress in place, and the front-close snaps allow our model to get in and out of it without the need for help or baby powder.

Light? You bet! It's half the weight of an equivalent dress in steel because half the rings are rubber.

Price: $400 - $700 depending on length and hip/bust size.

mmmm, Titanium!

This purple titanium crisscross dress looks like nothing when it's hanging in the closet, but comes alive when on a body. The rings are 1/4" dia. and closed properly so they're not going to catch, pinch, or pull hair. Match it with a little back dress and long-strap purple purse as shown here, or throw it over a black or skin-tone body stocking for a more striking effect.

The crisscross dress is one of the most versatile pieces I've made. Because of the design, one size will fit from a 7 - 24 and still look good. To save a little money, I can custom make the piece so it sits exactly right. You'll notice that the diamonds appear a little elongated in this picture. If the dress were made exactly for our model, the diamonds would be even.

Purple Titanium CrissCross Dress, Size Large: $420

This crisscross dress is done in bright stainless steel 1/4" dia. rings, with the corner rings a little bigger for accent. This dress will look right at home at any Saturday Night party. It's compact enough to fit into a back pocket or the smallest purse so it can go anywhere, ready to turn you into Party Girl. Use it to dress up jeans & blouse, a top and skirt as shown here, or a little black dress and you're good to go!

Up to 38" bust - Price: $84

Up tp 44" bust - Price: $110

This gorgeous piece is a dusted aluminum suede-strap gown with adjustable neckline. There are three shoulder straps on each side. Their length, the width of the dress and the depth of the neckline can be adjusted by untying the hanging straps at the front, letting them in or out, and retying. By this method, the same dress looks good on a size 4 or 16 woman. Our model is showing off this dress with black thong panties and pasties. A more provocative look with more conservative underclothes can be achieved with a skin-tone bodysuit.

Price: depends on size and length - about $700.

Here's a cute little minidress, size 7 and cut oh so high! This sleeveless aluminum number looks great over a black bodysuit, or add a jacket for a way-out formal look.

Price: $600


Oh, I wish I had better pictures. Our lovely model is showing off a dusted aluminum suede strap top for women with a bustline. The chain comes up to the top of the shoulder for better coverage, and the suede straps take over from there. Again, adjust the knot in front to adjust the shoulder straps. The skirt is similar to the one above, but it is a straight knit - it won't fly up when spun. Still plenty of room to move, and looks great with bikini bottoms, bike shorts, or a dark bodysuit.

Top: $180

Skirt: $300

Wow! Dusted aluminum cropped top with a dusted aluminum flyup skirt. The top is adjustable by a single suede strap that passes over both shoulders, across the back, and ties in front. This makes it completely adjustable for a perfect fit, no matter which of your friends borrows it. This skirt will magically lift right up when the wearer spins. You can see the action on the skirt in these pictures; look how the hem is flowing with every confident step she takes.

Top: $120

Skirt: $330

Here we have an aluminum double-knit bikini top with suede straps, accented by an aluminum 1/4;quot; ring belt with brass buckle. Bikini top is dusted so it won't rub off black against your skin, and fits an AA or A cup. Top sells for $128. Belt sells for $1/inch.


Rubber and stainless steel mix in this skirt to offer something that chain mail doesn't usually have: S-T-R-E-T-C-H. Simply pull it up and it stays. It doesn't matter if you gain or lose a few pounds, it'll still fit tight without restricting movement.

Price: $200 - $300 depending on size and length

Chain mail is strong and sensuous when mixed with a PVC corset top and a good blade. This Gladiator's skirt uses hooks on the inside and outside to fit and adjust to many different waist sizes. Since it doesn't need to be slid up over the hips, fewer rings are needed and the price for a skirt like this is less than a comparable flyup skirt.

Price: about $200 - $300 depending on size


Here's the corset I'm so proud of with a little black top and the cleavage cut tantalizingly low. Very sexy without being too bold.

This piece has one big advantage over regular custom cloth or leather corsets: it doesn't have boning or stays so it doesn't have the usual pinch spots. The entire piece has a certain shape and a certain amount of give that makes it form fit and provide support while being completely comfortable.

The corset is made from stainless steel so there's nothing you need to do to it to keep it looking great. If it needs to be washed, it can be hand-washed in dish soap and water, rinsed in hot clear water and hung to dry.

It comes with a black nylon sash cord for lacing When worn with a little back dress the lacing disappears giving the illusion that nothing is holding the corset in place.

Pricing is very inexpensive compared to a regular custom cloth corset. Range is from $150 - $250, and I can go from an A up to a DDD bustline. Add about 50% to the price for a hip flare.

Measurements? I only need 4 measurements to build a custom corset. Just measure yourself for a bra using the instructions on the Pricing page and measure from the top of your hip to the spot under your arm where you want the corset to stop.

Here's my new Waist Cincher. It works as well on a man as it does on a woman, and can offer body sculpting and re-shaping that's more comfortable than traditional cloth and leather waist cinchers because there is no boning or stays. If you're looking for a garment that offers shaping without the bustline support, this is your best choice.

The material is stainless steel so there's nothing you have to do to keep it looking great. The two vertical rows on either side of the lacing rings are brazed closed so that they are not going to pull open when the cincher is tightlaced. The lacing shown is a brown leather lacing. The cincher comes standard with a black nylon sash cord that disappears into a little black dress, making the cincher look like it's being held up by nothing at all.

Pricing is from $60 - $120. For exact pricing, contact me with your underbust measurement and the length you require.

These two girls are out clubbing in their stainless steel corsets. As you can see these corsets can be made to fit any bust size from A to  FF and can be made long or short. Couple it with a black skirt as these ladies have done and you're ready for a night of clubbing, or just staying in and teasing your mate.

The first couple of columns of rings on each side of the laces are brazed closed for added strength so that they're not going to pull apart under the stress of tightlacing. Cords are available in various colours.

Stainless Corset: $125 - $300 depending on size and length

In-Stock items have shopping cart buttons, the rest are to spark your imagination. Dream up what you'd like and contact me for pricing and delivery. Since I charge by the ring you can reduce the expense by choosing a larger ring. Most of the pieces you see above are knitted for real-sized women - typically size 14 - 2X. The fact that these models look good in them attests to one of chain mail's characteristics: following the curve of the body.

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