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Jerry Penner, The Chain Mail Guy

Authentic Armour - Cool Club Clothing - Gorgeous Jewelry

Men's Fashions

Shirts | Coats | Vests | Hoods

Note: All pricing in Canadian Dollars


Need a little extra protection when you go out clubbing? This stainless steel shirt with 1/2" X .078" dia. rings will do the trick. Half sleeves with a pullover design, this shirt will take a knife.

Price: $500 - $700 depending on size

Our fellow is looking nasty in an annealed steel 3/4 sleeve shirt ($650) and galvanized steel balaclava-style hood trimmed around the eyes and mouth with annealed steel and around the 6" mantle with brass ($175). The annealed steel looks gorgeous with pretty much anything. It starts with black powder-covered rings. Once the piece is finished I throw it into a tumbler with WD-40 and rags and change the rags every 4 hours until they come out clean. The finished piece comes out gleaming like black chrome. It needs a little more care than galvanized steel, but the look is well worth it. Just keep it dry and squirt it with WD-40 or kerosene now and then and wipe it dry. If it starts to rust on you, tumble it with rags and WD-40 as described.


Here we have a stainless steel vest using 1/2" dia. rings made from 12AWG (.080", 2mm) wire. This ring size has been battle-tested in some of the local night-spots and will stop a knife attack. The closures are snap-apart keychains. This versatile and functional piece looks very cool by itself, with a white undershirt, over a dress shirt, or as the vest portion of a 4-piece suit. The #304 stainless steel finish will start out shiny and stay that way no matter what you spill on it. Cleanup is as easy as a visit to the local DIY car-wash, or throw it in the dishwasher.

Fits up to 44" chest. Price: $375

For a sexier look, wear this vest with a black T-shirt, or go primal with no shirt at all.

Fits up to 48" chest. Price: $404

Fits up to 52" chest. Price: $433


No coats available at this time. See the Gallery for inspiration.


This hood is based on pure fantasy. If you're looking for something that makes you look like a wrestler, this is the piece. Two long dags at the front help balance the hood so it doesn't fall off. Available in bright stainless steel or heat-treated stainless 1/2" rings as shown. The heat-treated stainless rings are simply flame- heated until they change colour and go from bright shiny silver to dark blues, purples, and browns. The flame technique used to create the colours is not repeatable, so each hood is unique.

Stainless Steel Wrestler's Hood: $75.00


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