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Jerry Penner, The Chain Mail Guy

Authentic Armour - Cool Club Clothing - Gorgeous Jewelry

Free Stuff

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Interesting Links


If you need rings and I can't supply them, contact Michael Ball. Not only does he make great rings, he's been known to pack "extras" into his shipments like Spocked $5s, gold bars, and his TV remote on more than one occasion. If you receive his TV remote he'd like it back, please. 


This website is devoted to buying and selling metal. It has a great Research section and a free downloadable weight calculator. You enter the type of metal, shape, length, number of pieces, and it calculates weight.


This website has some great meditation and healing jewelry on it. The Tree of Life pendants are the best I've seen and quite reasonably priced.


Looking for the best custom Celtic jewelry you can get? You need to visit Jason Bellchamber, custom goldsmith in London, Ontario. If you can describe the piece you're looking for, he can make it.

Beadlinks.com is an online source for jewelry bits and pieces, beads, and craft accessories.


M.A.I.L., the Maille Artisans International League. One of the best resources on the Internet for finding other knitters, new knits, materials, tools, and inspiration.

Cool Downloads


The background for this website. Save it to your computer and use it as a desktop wallpaper. Make sure you have "TILE IMAGE" selected otherwise it's going to look very blocky and very VERY large.


A PDF chart showing five different wire gauge systems and how they relate to each other. Non-ferrous wires like aluminum, copper and brass use the AWG system, while ferrous and stainless steel wires use the Imperial or British Standard Gauge system. Since there is no direct correlation between these multiple systems, confusion can result when ordering wire. Most manufacturers are moving to a decimal inch or decimal millimeter system to clear the confusion. Until then, download, print and post this handy chart.


Want to know how to get two hundred different stains out of a dozen different fabrics? Need to get rust stains out of suede? Baby spit-up stains out of silk? Oil stains out of a skirt? Download this PDF file from Janis Stone of Iowa State University.


This handy PDF shows you the comparison between fractional and decimal inch and mm sizing. Download, print, and post it on the wall to save yourself memorizing the conversions. Very useful when paired with the Wire Gauge Chart above.

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