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Jerry Penner, The Chain Mail Guy

Authentic Armour - Cool Club Clothing - Gorgeous Jewelry

Event Calendar

Where is The Chain Mail Guy Today?

Underground Groove Fashion Show

Mar. 10, 2001, shows at 7:45 and 9:30 P.M.

Galleria Mall, London, Ont.

Tickets are $20 advance, $25 at the door. Tickets available at Dr. Disc, Frilly Lizzard, Fanshawe Biz Booth, and UWO InfoSource.


More than a dozen of London's newest designers showcase their talent. Most will be available for sale after the event, either at the Junior Achiever's store, or Studio Celtia; both in the mall. The clothing ranges from funky clubwear to conservative fetwear. Proceeds go to the John Gordon Home, London's AIDS hospice.

Between Us Hair and Fashion Event

Jan. 28, 2001

Hilton Hotel, 300 King St.

London, Ont.

Wow! Twelve fashion designers both new and established, sponsors including Entrenous fashion salon, Frilly Lizard and L'oreal Professionnel, all assembling for the first ever fashion show fundraiser for breast cancer research in London. A mighty fine show.

This is my favourite picture, all 10 of my models posing at the end of their scene, end of the show, just before they turn out the lights.

All that chain represents more than a year's work. A picture like this is well worth the wait.

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