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Jerry Penner, The Chain Mail Guy

Authentic Armour - Cool Club Clothing - Gorgeous Jewelry

Gallery of Ideas

Men's Shirts | Men's Vests | Men's Pants | Gloves | Coats | Hoods | Dresses | Skirts and Tops | Chain Mail Corsets | Jewelry | Home Accessories

The gallery is a collection of work completed and can be a garden of ideas for your own custom piece. Take a look through the gallery, describe what you'd like and I'll offer suggestions and quote price and delivery for you.

Men's Shirts

Need a little extra protection when you go out clubbing? This stainless steel shirt with 1/2" X .078" dia. rings will do the trick. Half sleeves with a pullover design, this shirt will take a knife.

Price: $500 - $700 depending on size

This galvanized steel shirt uses 1/2" X 14AWG rings with a brass cross inlaid in the chest. These rings are strong enough to take a knife and will serve you well in a knife attack. Weight is about 20 lbs., fits up to 40" chest.

Price: $500 - $700 depending on size and sleeve length.

This shirt is made from forty recycled plastic bracelets. It has been reborn as a "Ben Hur" style shirt, featuring galvanized steel links between the plastic plates. Fits up to a 40" chest. There is only one shirt like this, I cannot make another because the materials were a one-time buy. If you have metal or plastic plates that you'd like turned into a shirt, contact me and we'll work out design and pricing.

Pricing: $40 - $80 depending on plate size.

Our Model is wearing a black swag chain shirt. Ever seen that chain used to hold hanging lamps to the ceiling? That's what this shirt is made from. Fits up to a 48" chest, looks cool either by itself, or with a white undershirt or camo shirt beneath it.

Our fellow is looking nasty in an annealed steel 3/4 sleeve shirt and galvanized steel balaclava-style hood trimmed around the eyes and mouth with annealed steel and around the 6" mantle with brass. The annealed steel looks gorgeous with pretty much anything. It starts with black powder-covered rings. Once the piece is finished, I throw it into a tumbler with WD-40 and rags, and change the rags every 4 hours until they come out clean. The finished piece comes out gleaming like black chrome. It needs a little more care than galvanized steel, but the look is well worth it. Just keep it dry and squirt it with WD-40 or kerosene now and then and wipe it dry. If it starts to rust on you, tumble it with rags and WD-40 as described.

Shirt Price: About $500 - $700 depending on sleeve length.

Hood Price: $125 - $175 depending on mantle size.

Men's Vests

Here we have a galvanized steel vest using 1/2" dia. rings made from 14AWG wire. This ring size has been battle-tested in some of the local night-spots, and will stop a knife attack. The closures are snap-apart keychains. This versatile and functional piece looks very cool by itself, with a white undershirt, over a dress shirt, or as the vest portion of a 4-piece suit. The galvanized finish will start out shiny and come down to a beautiful matte grey in a matter of months. Also available in #304 stainless steel for no extra charge.

Price: Starting from $315

This stainless steel vest in 1/2" rings will also take a knife, and does so in style. The classic lines of this piece are accented with snap-apart keychains as buttons, giving it an edgy look appropriate for this vest. Capable of going from nightclub to fantasy ball, the stainless rings make this piece virtually care-free. No cleaning is required beyond the occasional clear-water spray-down in the shower.

This vest is a one-of-a-kind item, never to be repeated. This piece features soft brown suede cut to accent the female form, accented with a brass single-knit cable chain front panel insert. Not too heavy and very sexy.

If you have something in your closet that could use a fresh edge, let me know and we can work out details and pricing.

Size: Medium

Price: About $100

Men's Pants

This ready-for action knight is wearing a pair of galvanized steel leggings. The soles of the feet are leather, and the tops of the leggings (under the tabard) sport leather fringes. Because of the nature of leggings, several fittings may be necessary. They require a range of movement similar to the arm, but closing the bottom and holding up the top with suspenders means the custom fit has to be a little more exact.

Price: About $600.


No gloves currently in the archive. Check the Men's page for currently available gloves.


I met this handsome fellow at the Fergus Scottish Festival in August 2002. Yep, that's chain mail on his bike. Both fenders and the tank. The hood and jacket are mine, the bike-work is not. The hood is 3/8" 316L stainless with a leather tie around the face to keep the chin from sagging. Jacket is a heavyweight motorcycle jacket with 316L 3/8" stainless rings on the undersides of the arms. This I call a Defender's Jacket. Why? When attacked by a knife, your first instinct is to raise your arm. This way you won't get cut.

The chain is looped through a suede lace sewn to the seams of the jacket, that way I don't have to pierce the leather to attach the chain; much less chance of ripping out.

Medium ring stainless hood: $250

Defender Jacket: $125 - $250

Leather jacket with natural titanium rings adorning the zipper cover. A good looking jacket with just a little extra flash.

Size: 46

Price: about $170

Need a little more flash? Leather jacket with stainless steel rings decorating the tops of the sleeves.

Size: 40

Price: about $130

This heavy leather bike jacket features a slip-on stainless half-shirt. Perfect for providing upper-torso protection when you slip off your bike and slide down the road, or wear it with the jacket open for a sexy daring look.

Size: 44

Price: About $400

Here we're mixing a stainless-trimmed leather jacket with a stainless corset, PVC skirt and black heeled boots.

The stainless is attached to the jacket by a hand-sewn strip of suede lacing following the existing lines of the jacket. This way I'm not punching holes in the leather to accommodate the steel rings and risking them ripping out.

Great Goth wear. It's attitude, but fun attitude.

Stainless-Trimmed Leather Jacket, Size Medium: about $125

Stainless Long Corset: $150 - $300 depending on size.

This is another thrift store find. London Fog trench coat with zip-out lining. It was begging for accents. I added the large stainless rings to the cuffs and replaced the standard cloth belt with a stainless belt.

Suitable for both men and women, this coat has an understated elegance about it that goes with pretty much anything and still says you're not part of the herd.

London Fog Trench Coat, Size Medium: about $50.


Here is an award-winning photo shot by john@5ive6ixty.com. He used one of my flame-coloured stainless hoods in this shot. The timeframe was tight, it was a good thing I had a bright stainless one in stock for him. I was able to colour it and get it to him in time for the shoot.

As a thank-you he gave me a copy of the photo. You can see more of his work on his website.


This piece started out as a thrift store find. It was a pull-up genie-style outfit with gathered and elasticized pant legs and an ugly gold belly accent that screamed 80's.

A little sewing machine time and the pant legs became a full-flowing skirt. A little wire knitting time and the ugly gold belly accent was replaced with a sexy and revealing brass insert.

This piece sold for $60 because there was so little chain mail in it. If you have something in your closet that you just don't wear anymore, I can breathe new life into it by adding a bit of chain mail in sexy places.

mmmm, Titanium!

This purple titanium crisscross dress looks like nothing when it's hanging in the closet, but comes alive when on a body. The rings are 1/4" dia. and closed properly so they're not going to catch, pinch, or pull hair. Match it with a little back dress and long-strap purple purse as shown here, or throw it over a black or skin-tone body stocking for a more striking effect.

The crisscross dress is one of the most versatile pieces I've made. Because of the design, one size will fit from a 7 - 24 and still look good. To save you a little money I can custom make the piece so it sits exactly right. You'll notice that the diamonds appear a little elongated in this picture. If the dress were made exactly for our model the diamonds would be even.

Purple Titanium CrissCross Dress, Size Large: $420

Our fellow in the black swag chain muscle shirt ($240) is proud to have his lady show off in this dusted aluminum angel dress with floating hem ($2100).

This never-to-be-repeated dress can be worn over sexy lingerie, plain white cotton bra and panties as shown here, or a skin-tone bodysuit for a nude effect. Perfect for slow dancing, or just to stand and model. The whole thing weighs a mere 8 lbs.. The ring count is 22,500 and took 23 weeks to complete. Fits sizes 7 - 14

This gorgeous piece is a dusted aluminum suede-strap gown with adjustable neckline. There are three shoulder straps on each side. Their length, the width of the dress and the depth of the neckline can be adjusted by untying the hanging straps at the front, letting them in or out and retying. By this method the same dress looks good on a size 4 or 16 woman. Our model is showing off this dress with black thong panties and pasties. A more provocative look with more conservative underclothes can be achieved with a skin-tone bodysuit.

Price: starting at $400.

Here's a cute little minidress, size 7 and cut oh so high! This sleeveless aluminum number looks great over a black bodysuit, or add a jacket for a way-out formal look.

Price: Starting from $400

Skirts and Tops

Rubber and stainless steel mix in this skirt to offer something that chain mail doesn't usually have: S-T-R-E-T-C-H.

Simply pull it up and it stays. It doesn't matter if you gain or lose a few pounds, it'll still fit tight without restricting movement.

Price: $200 - $300 depending on size and length

Chain mail skirt, aluminum tank top and stainless-trimmed leather jacket? Why not? Throw it all over a simple black bodystocking and you've got a look hot enough to get you into (and safely out of!) any bad bar in town. Feminine with edge. If this girl likes you you're in for a treat. If not, stay politely the hell out of her way...

Stainless Flyup Skirt: $360

Stainless-Trimmed Leather Jacket, Size: Medium: $128

Aluminum Adjustable Strap Tank Top: $240

Chain mail is strong and sensuous when mixed with a PVC corset top and a good blade. This Gladiator's skirt uses hooks on the inside and outside to fit and adjust to many different waist sizes. Since it doesn't need to be slid up over the hips, fewer rings are needed and the price for a skirt like this is less than a comparable flyup skirt.

Price: about $200 - $300 depending on size

This top uses 15,000 1/4" aluminum rings. It slips over the head and hooks in the back with black elasticized hook to fit any size from 7 - 18. If you wear it with a little black dress the hook in the back disappears and it magically holds itself in place.

Aluminum Small-Ring Triangle Top: about $1050.

This aluminum triangle skirt matches the top above and works well matched with a black PVC corset as shown. It fastens at the top with either leather lacing or two hooks. The two hook system is more versatile and can fit a variety of sizes.

Because of the way the triangle naturally forms, this skirt works best on a woman who's waist-to-ankle measurement is greater than her hip measurement. For women with shorter legs, we can raise the hem by chainging from a single to a double point.

Aluminum Small-Ring Triangle Skirt; About $1050.

I like this flyup skirt with the floating hem ($340). This trick is done by putting a loop of wire in the hem to hold it out. The dusted aluminum suede strap halter ($180) and long-strap purse ($62) complete the outfit. Her escort is wearing a galvanized steel T-shirt ($630) and open-face hood with mantle ($170), and a copper 6-in-1 knit bracelet ($20). The shirt bears the Celtic rune symbols of Protection and the Sacred Warrior, thus ensuring safety in battle. With a dance partner this attractive he's going to need all the protection he can get.

Our model on the left is ready for all-night dancing in her dusted aluminum suede strap top ($120) and dusted aluminum jinglebelt ($80). The beauty on the right is set to wow the boys at the beach in her dusted aluminum suede-strap bikini top ($130) and small-ring triangle wrap($1050). I think the matching handflowers on these ladies are a nice touch ($20).

Here we have better pictures of the small-ring dusted aluminum top and skirt shown above separately. These were originally designed to be a dress but when I put them on my model for fitting, she said, "Leave it as two separate pieces! I love it!" This makes for a more versatile outfit. The outfit can be paired up with a black corset and fishnet stockings as shown here, or with a classic simple black dress, or even a skin-tone bodysuit for dramatic effect.

The top can be paired with jeans or used as the vest of a business suit. The bottom makes a gorgeous beach or poolside wrap.

The top and bottom are both adjustable; the top via a black stretch-hook strap in the small of the back and the skirt with a suede tie at the waist. This pair took over this was six months to complete.

Top: About $1050

Skirt: About $1050

Here we have an aluminum double-knit bikini top with suede straps, accented by an aluminum 1/4" ring belt with brass buckle. Bikini top is dusted so it won't rub off black against your skin and fits an AA or A cup. Top sells for $128. Belt sells for $1/inch.

Here our model is mixing the stainless flyup skirt with a galvanized steel half-shirt and red satin corset top. What a great look for clubbing.

Galvanized Steel Half-Shirt: $300

Stainless Flyup Skirt: $360

Chain Belt: $0.50 /inch

This handsome fellow in the galvanized steel vest ($424) and steel twist-rope necklace ($20) has a difficult choice for a dance partner. On the left she's showing off a dusted aluminum suede strap tube dress ($700), while the girl on the right is wearing a backless/sleeveless small-ring top ($1050) and black satin skirt with crisscross stainless box chain ($200). I think I know which way he's leaning...

Here we have a big-ring dusted aluminum tank top and suede-tied big ring skirt. Our model is showing these off with a black stretch tank-top and long black stretchy skirt beneath it. Lots of room to move and dance, and looks fabulous with those kick-ass dancing boots.

Top: about $120

Skirt: about $180.

This young lady is looking provocative with a brass bishop's mantle over a black longline strapless bra and a black suede and brass skirt. The skirt has the sides slitted nearly to the top and filled with 3/8" brass rings, and trimmed along the bottom to give it that slow flowing movement. With a thong bikini under the skirt she looks sexily bare. The 1/4" ring brass belt looks great around the midriff or around the skirt. Where would you wear this? Valentine's Day is coming...

Brass bishop's mantle: about $200.

Suede and brass skirt: about $150.

Wow! Dusted aluminum cropped top with a dusted aluminum flyup skirt. The top is adjustable by a single suede strap that passes over both shoulders, across the back, and ties in front. This makes it completely adjustable for a perfect fit no matter who borrows it. This skirt will magically lift right up when the wearer spins. You can see the action on the skirt in these pictures; look how the hem is flowing with every confident step she takes.

Top: $120 Skirt: $330

Oh, I wish I had better pictures. Our lovely model is showing off a dusted aluminum suede strap top for women with a bustline. The chain comes up to the top of the shoulder for better coverage, and the suede straps take over from there. Again, adjust the knot in front to adjust the shoulder straps. The skirt is similar to the one above but is a straight knit - it won't fly up when spun. Still plenty of room to move, and looks great with bikini bottoms, bike shorts, or a dark bodysuit.

Top: $180

Skirt: $300

This titanium and suede skirt is my favourite. It mixes two beautiful materials in a gorgeous purple colour. Again, a thrift store find, the skirt is a size 2.

The chain panels in the back nicely reveal the curve of the bum. If you're wearing a thong, people will think you're bare under the skirt.

If you have a skirt you no longer wear, I can add some sexy chain mail to it.

Suede and Purple Titanium Skirt, Size 2: about $60

Chain Mail Corsets

Here's a corset with a little black top and the cleavage cut daringly low. Very sexy without being too bold.

This piece has one big advantage over regular custom cloth or leather corsets: it doesn't have boning or stays so it doesn't have the usual pinch spots. The entire piece has a certain shape and a certain amount of give that makes it form fit and provide support while being completely comfortable.

The corset is made from stainless steel so there's nothing you need to do to it to keep it looking great. If it needs to be washed, it can be hand-washed in dish soap and water, rinsed in hot clear water and hung to dry.

It comes with a black nylon sash cord for lacing. When worn with a little back dress the lacing disappears giving the illusion that nothing is holding the corset in place.

Pricing is very inexpensive compared to a regular custom cloth corset. Range is from $150 - $250, and I can go from an A to an FF bustline. Add about 50% to the price for a hip flare.

Measurements? I only need 4 measurements to build a custom corset. Just measure yourself for a bra using the instructions on the Pricing page and measure from the top of your hip to the spot under your arm where you want the hem to sit.

These two girls are out clubbing in their stainless steel corsets. As you can see these corsets can be made to fit any bust size from A to FF and can be made long or short. Couple it with a black skirt as these ladies have done and you're ready for a night of clubbing, or just staying in and teasing your mate.

The first couple of columns of rings on each side of the laces are brazed closed for added strength so that they're not going to pull apart under the stress of tightlacing. Cords are available in various colours.

Stainless Corset: $125 - $300 depending on size and length.

Here's my chain mail waist cincher. It works as well on a man as it does on a woman. It offers body sculpting that's more comfortable than traditional cloth and leather waist cinchers because there is no boning or stays. If you're looking for a garment that offers shaping without the bustline support, this is an excellent choice.

The material is stainless steel so there's nothing you have to do to keep it looking great. The two vertical rows on either side of the lacing rings are brazed closed so that they are not going to pull open when the cincher is tightlaced. The lacing shown is a brown leather lacing. The cincher comes standard with a black nylon sash cord that disappears into a little black dress, making the cincher look like it's being held up by nothing at all.

Pricing is from $60 - $120. For exact pricing, e-mail me with your underbust measurement and the length you require.


Who knew uncut rings could look so good? This is what my rings look like before I cut them. These pieces are a matched set of choker and bracelet made of 0.8mm dia. sterling silver wound on a 1/16" dia. form. The hook and loop clasps are formed from the ends of the bare wire. Click on the image to get a close-up view of the shape. Very elegant for evening wear with or without a bauble on the choker.

They have a bit of spring to them, so when worn they will always sit perfectly.

Also available in 14K yellow gold-filled and stainless steel.

Bracelet: about $20

Necklace: about $45

Specify size when ordering.

A close-up of the bracelet in 14K yellow gold-filled wire. It really doesn't pinch hair like you'd think, because the side against you skin is closed, and it's not such a tight fit that it has to open and close when you move.

This piece has a French Twist in 1/4" dia. ring .062" dia. wire untreated aluminum. About $26. Specify length when ordering.

French Twist in heat-treated nickel-plated brass. About $26

French Twist in 1/4" dia. ring .062" dia. brass wire. About $26

3-drop European 4-in-1 knit in gold-plated brass. The baubles are yellow and green plastic. About $26

Knit-4-drop-1 pattern choker in gold-plated brass 4.5mm rings.

Price: about $26

Gold-plated brass 4.5mm dia rings with a faux pearl framed by a 4-in-1 knit open drop.

Price: about $26

Another French Twist, in nickel plated brass.

Price: about $26

This is a nice piece. Asian knit 4-in-1. The double rings in the bottom row are the starting point for the next row of Asian knit 4-in-1.

Price: about $26

This sterling silver veil is done in a spider web pattern with 40 jet glass spacer beads adorning it. A perfect wedding present for a bride on her most special day.

Price: about $400

A woman told me she was looking for a piece of jewelry that goes around the wrist and has a chain that extends to the middle finger across the back of the hand, only for feet. She had been searching for such a thing for some time, but had no idea what to call it. She had difficulty getting someone to understand what she was looking for. What she described for the hand is known as a handflower, so the foot version would be a footflower, right?

After a few measurements she thought that simple chain would be too plain, so she selected a medallion-style pendant from my sterling silver case. The result is here. The chains are single-knit cable chains in stainless steel and the medallion is a sterling silver Celtic knot pattern. The clasp in the back (not shown) is a standard spring-ring C-clasp.

I've learned how to make custom hook and loop fasteners, and these add adjustability to the ankle.

If you'd like a custom footflower I need 3 measurements:

1 - Your ankle circumference

2 - Your second toe circumference

3 - The distance from where measurement #1 and #2 were taken

Price: about $40 - $60 depending on the medallion

This watch is a new watch movement where I replaced the band. The replacement band is titanium and rubber. The titanium is coloured blue to match the face, and the rubber gives the band stretch. A simple, elegant piece of chain mail that is radical, but not overstated. If you have a watch you'd like to have re-banded, I can do it.

Price: about $40 including watch

This is a 14K Yellow Gold Filled necklace with Asian knit top, and 3 layers of single-knit cable chain decorating the throat. The wire-caged bauble at the front is a polished, uncut green lace agate.

Price: about $175

This headpiece is done in 14 karat yellow gold-filled wire and features amber chips dangling from the crown points. The looped lace is single-knit cable chain, while the crown is done in 4-in-1 Asian knit.

Price: $450

Home Accessories

This shirt is actually 4" wide. It's a miniature of something that might have been worn in the movie Lord of the Rings. The shirt is made of 4mm heat-treated nickel-plated brass rings, with the elven runic symbol in gold-plated brass. The gunmetal blue with gold inlay looks striking when mounted on a mini desk stand.

Price: about $150

This show shirt is also designed for a desk stand. It's about 12" across, and features the Elder Futhark rune Othila. The final rune in the Viking Futhark, it indicates the end of the journey, home, lessons learned, balance and mastery. Done in a 1/2" aluminum ring with brass accents.

Note that both of these shirts are knitted with the lay of the knit running up and down instead of side-side like all my other clothing. This makes these pieces hand squarely when placed on a stand.

Price: about $200

Chain Mail Decanter. REAL Chain Mail, not that machine-woven chain mesh that gets passed off as chain mail. This is hand-knitted Asian 4-in-1 1/4" stainless steel rings over a clear whiskey decanter. The glass stopper is done the same way. If you desire, the fancy sash cord can be loosened and the bottle slipped out of the chain mail. The bottom is left open so that the bottle will sit properly. If the bottle breaks, just open the sash cord, wash out the pieces of glass and put it over another decanter.

To clean just hand wash with a bottle brush and set to dry. The stainless steel construction means leaving it to soak in the sink isn't going to cause it to rust.

Price: about $250

Candle Holders

All of the candle holders are 14" tall. The bases are made from #304L stainless steel rod so there's no chance they will rust your furniture, even if left outside. The chains are either aluminum, nickel-plated brass, bronze, or stainless steel. The cups are finds at local markets and used-stuff stores and generally are only available in singles and pairs.

Each cup speaks to me in how it needs to be hung and in what metal. These are truly one-of-a-kind items.

The hanging feature of these candle holders means that they will sway when set outside in the wind, but the center of gravity is low enough that they won't tip over if the cat sets them swinging. They look great on a patio, on the dinner table, or dressing up a pair of end tables. These make great housewarming gifts. Scroll through the inventory and see what you like.

Blue Conical Holder

I like the shape of this one. Frosted cobalt blue conical cup designed to take tea lights, votives, or 4" pillars. The chains are heat-treated nickel-plated brass for a shiny black look.

Price: $14.00 ea.

Dangle-Drop Holder

The chains are nickel-plated heat-treated brass so they're shiny black. The glass cup has a dangle-drop extending down from the base, making it more stable and adding a touch of style. Perfect for holding tea lights or votives.

Price: $14.00 ea.

Brass Holder

This is the only one I have in brass. The brass-finish base is a little fancier than the stainless steel bases I have for the rest of the collection.

Price: $14.00

Octagon Candle Holders

These clear glass octagon holders use nickel-plated brass chains and are versatile enough to hold either a short taper, short pillar, votive or tea light.

Price: $14.00

Ikea Holder

The chains are nickel-plated heat-treated brass so they're shiny black. The glass cup is an Ikea find. The simple flared cup contrasts with the angular base and the cup can be slid out of the chains for easy cleanup. Perfect for holding tea lights or votives.

Price: $14.00

Purple Slumped Glass Holder

The chains are nickel-plated brass so they're shiny silver. The glass cup is purple slumped glass. I've not seen a candle holder one like this before or since. Perfect for holding tea lights or votives.

Price: $14.00

Candy Dish Holder

The chains are polished stainless steel. The glass cup looks like a candy dish or ice cream serving dish. Perfect for holding tea lights, votives, or candy.

Price: $14.00

Round Pillar Holder

The chains are polished stainless steel rings. The glass cup is a round universal style that takes tea lights, votives, or 4" pillar candles.

Price: $14.00

Bubble Holder

The chains are polished stainless steel rings. The glass cup is a rounded universal style with a much narrower flare than the Round Pillar Holder above. It also takes tea lights, votives, or 4" pillar candles.

Price: $14.00

Green Star Holder

A nice Christmas or outdoor holder. Solid green glass 5-pointed star with aluminum chains. Perfect for votives or tea lights.

Price: $14.00

Purple Star Holder

A nice Christmas or outdoor holder. Solid purple glass 5-pointed star with aluminum chains. Perfect for votives or tea lights.

Price: $14.00

Red Star Holder

A nice Christmas or outdoor holder. Solid red glass 5-pointed star with aluminum chains. Perfect for votives or tea lights.

Price: $14.00

Clear Octagon Holder

The chains are nickel-plated brass for a shiny silver look. The glass cup is an octagon shape and will holdtea lights, votives, or a 4" pillar.

Price: $14.00

Clear 5-Petal Flower Holder

The chains are heat-treated nickel-plated brass for a shiny black look. The glass cup is a flat 5-petal flower and will hold tea lights or votives.

Price: $14.00

Green 5-Petal Flower Holder

The chains are heat-treated nickel-plated brass for a shiny black look. The glass cup is a flat 5-petal flower and will hold tea lights or votives.

Price: $14.00

Cobalt Blue Flower-Pot Style Holder

The chains are polished stainless steel. The glass cup is a cobalt-blue flower-pot style available from Wal Mart. If the cup breaks, you can get a replacement. Perfect for tea lights or votives.

Price: $14.00 ea.


Welcome to the Knights of Beardom.

Sir Bearus

King Bearly's champion. "When speed and skill will not win the battle, use tricks and treachery."

Stands 12" tall and has jointed arms and legs. Armour is 5/16" X 1/16" aluminum.

Regular Price: About $120

King Bearly

The King of Beardom. He is good and kind to his people, fair and just, and always on the lookout for another plot by Prince Malicet. Sits 12" high, dressed in shining 3/8" X 1/16" stainless steel rings

Regular Price: $120

Lord Looksee

In his purple titanium armour, Lord Looksee is the most vain of the Royal family. He is more skilled with a comb and mirror than a sword and shield. Sits 6" tall.

Regular Price: $100

Lord Bigly

Well known throughout Beardom for his feats of strength. Not well known throughout Beardom for his feats of mind. Stands 14" tall, dressed in 3/8" X 1/16" aluminum. The hood is removable.

Regular Price: $140

Prince Malicet

The King's son is a nasty piece of work. He is always plotting the takeover of Beardom and is trying to get the other bears to join him. Sits 11" high and is dressed in clear anodized aluminum 1/4" X 1/16" rings. Hood is removable.

Regular Price: $220


This is what happens when a chain knitter has entirely too much time on his hands.

This is Angel Dress Barbie with shoulders, hips, elbows and knees jointed. The dress is a stainless steel version of the Angel Dress I made a few years ago. True to the original the sleeves drape down from elbow to wrist and give the impression of angel wings. The mini version of the dress took a tenth of the time to make as the original because of the reduced number of rings. The ring/body ratio is much larger on this piece.

This is a one-of-a-kind item. I will never duplicate this exact dress on this scale. If you're a Barbie collector, this is a must-have piece.

Price: $210.00

I prefer brunettes so I dressed Barbie's friend first. The rings are nickel-plated brass and there are a thousand in the dress. The weave is quite tight and doesn't move as well as it does on a real-sized body. To show off her curves, the dress is knitted right on and cannot be removed.

This is a one-of-a-kind item. I will never duplicate this exact dress on this scale.

Price: $49

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