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Jerry Penner, The Chain Mail Guy

Authentic Armour - Cool Club Clothing - Gorgeous Jewelry


Hi I'm Jerry Penner, The Chain Mail Guy. I create beautiful and functional pieces of chain mail. Some call it functional art, wearable art, authentic historical reproductions, way-out futuristic clothing, or armour for the New Age. However you refer to it, articles created by the Chain Mail Guy are of the highest quality. I make my own rings because I can't find anyone who can provide me with a consistent high-quality ring that won't scratch, pinch, or pull hair. My rings are cut so well you won't feel a burr around the face of any ring, nor will you see light through the join.

As I am inspired to create new designs, they come out. If you don't see what you're looking for, describe it and I'll offer suggestions and quote price and delivery for you. If you can dream it in cloth, I can knit it in chain.

Chain Mail Guy News

Links to Etsy, eBay and Kijiji

September 2015

Not all of my wares are listed here. Some are on Etsy, eBay, and Kijiji. You can now reach those items from the links on the left.

New Lower Pricing on Titanium

November 2014

I've got a fresh load of .063" diameter 6AL4V titanium wire in and the pricing is better than the last load. You can find the new ring prices in the Rings and Tools section.

New Silver Rings

November 2014

I now have some .032" (0.81mm, 20AWG) sterling wire and was issued a challenge: Make 3/32" X .032" rings. The mandrel I used for this challenge was a piece of brass wire from which I usually make 1/2" rings. This also required new cutting tools as I'd not gone that small before. I've also calculated the weights per bag for my silver offerings, making it more convenient for you. You can find the new silver in the Rings and Tools section. If you need larger quantities, contact me and we can discuss bulk pricing.

Away from the Shop

July 2014

I'll be away from the shop from July 27 - Aug. 4. Orders placed during that time will not be filled until I'm back.

Shipping Rates Are Up

June 2013

Canada Post has re-jigged its shipping prices and as such I have to as well. I've been able to hold my shipping to a flat-rate of $16 for orders under $60, and free over $60 for the past 7 years. Canada Post has made it much more expensive for me to ship heavy things. Even though they are still the least expensive option in the market, basic shipping is now $20 for orders under $80, free over $80.

If you're near me and want to pick up your order, you can still pay via PayPal and let me know you want to pick up your order. I'll refund the shipping charges. If you're near but not near enough to pick up your order (ie. in Canada), I'll charge you actual cost of shipping +$5 and refund the difference.

Away from the Shop

July 2012

I'll be away from the shop from July 27 - Aug. 6. Orders placed during that time will not be filled until I'm back. 

Silver Ring Prices Finally Rise

November 2011

I've been able to hold my silver ring prices at the same level for the past five years. I was able to do this by purchasing a bulk lot of silver wire and making into rings as needed. This has allowed me to weather the freakish prices of Spring 2011 without affecting you and offer you screaming good deals on solid sterling silver rings as the spot price for silver went up. Now, however, I have to make another silver buy and the price of wire isn't what it was five years ago. See the Rings & Tools section for the new pricing.  

New Titanium Colours Available

July 2010

I now have colours available for .030" dia. titanium wire. The colour chart is not exactly the same as the .062" wire Purples, Blues and Greens are now available in the smaller wire size. See the Rings and Tools section for the cool new colours.

Help for Haiti

January 2010

The Chain Mail Guy will send 10% of gross sales for the month of February to the Red Cross to distribute food, clothing, security, and medical aid to the residents of Haiti who are in need of our help at this time.

You can either donate directly at the sponsor page I set up on the Red Cross website or through your purchases here at www.chainmailguy.com

Make me work, folks. I'm ready.

Chain Mail Basics e-Book Now Available

January 2010

The softcover version has been converted to an e-Book that prints nicely on standard 8.5" X 11" or A4 paper. Same great content as the softcover version but with these benefits:

You can find it in the Rings and Tools section.

Website Tune-Up

December 2009

I've made adjustments to the site. Features include:

New Titanium Rings Available!

April 2009

We now have .030" dia. #6AL4V titanium wire available for making rings in various sizes. Because this stuff is so thin, it's easy to work with and makes great jewelry. If you'd like some raw wire to form your own hypo--allergenic ear wires, we can do that too. Visit the Rings and Tools section to see the new additions.

Note that the colours are different from the .062" dia. wire. A colour chart will be posted after I standardize the colour list.

New Pliers Available!

April 2008

We now have knitting pliers for jewelry, armour, and for general-purpose use; all Chain Mail Guy Approved. See the Rings & Tools section for more details.


Aluminum Wire: 0.9mm (.035") Introductory Price!

July 2007

The Chain Mail Guy is selling raw wire! .035"dia. #5356 aluminum (0.9mm) in 100g increments. Clean, bright, new wire ready to be wound and bent into whatever shapes you like. Make your own rings, make your own fasteners and findings.

Price: $9.75/100g

Enough to make over 4,000 rings in 1/8" dia. Compare at $78 for the same weight in finished rings. Spend some time and save some money.


Bulk Jump Rings Deal Held Over

Mar 2007

5/32" (4mm) X .030" (.8mm) #5356 bright aluminum rings are the special for this month. Normally 500/bag for $9.75, now get a bag of 5,000 for $80 CDN (about $68.00 USD). Perfect for making Foxtail, King Chain or Byzantine, European 4-in-1 and Asian 4-in-1.

New Stainless Steel Rings

Jan 2007

I have a new supplier for stainless steel. I can now offer #304 stainless rings in 1/16" dia. wire at substantially less than the price of #316L rings. Check them out in the Rings & Tools section.


Chainmailguy.com Has a New Look for 2007

Jan 2007

I've tidied up a bit, made the site easier to navigate, added some nicer buttons, and am still working on improvements to the look and feel. Take a look around and let me know what you think.


Premium Shipping Now Available

Dec 2006

Canada Post typically gets slower over the Holiday season as the volume of shipped packages increases. Shipping is via Canada Post  Expedited Parcel. Delivery to the USA is about 12 business days, other international destinations are up to 30 business days.

If you would like to receive your order faster, click on the Premium Shipping button and your order will be shipped via Canada Post Expresspost. This level of service guarantees delivery within the continental USA within 6 business days and features station-by-station tracking so you can see where your parcel is. When I ship your item I contact you with the tracking number so you can watch it arrive.


New Jewelry-Sized Rings Available

Sept 2006

I've been getting an increased number of requests for jewelry-sized jump rings and so I've added some new sizes to my bagged knitting rings. The new rings are in aluminum, stainless, and silicon bronze wire. I've also added some metric sizes. Look in the Rings & Tools section to see the new additions.


The New Chain Mail Jewelry Book is Here!

Aug 2006

This is a beautiful hardcover coffee-table book with 30 extraordinary projects for all experience levels. Two of the projects are my rubber and titanium bracelet and choker set, and a set of bracelet, necklace and earrings in sterling silver and red enameled copper in King Chain knit as seen in the Jewelry section. Each book comes personally signed contributing author Jerry Penner with your custom message.

Click HERE to go directly to the book.